Detachment of New Jersey
Americanism Commission

Rob Lasky, Chairman

Updated December 14, 2017

Greetings from the Americanism Commission!  I am looking forward to a great year in Americanism.  I would like to stress education in our elementary schools.  There are many programs and pamphlets available.  Also, I would like to share out the ceremony for the proper retirement of worn American flags to our squadrons.  A list of these programs and pamphlets are available online at the SAL National Website: If you would like to see the proper ceremony for retiring worn American flags, please visit:

Here are some highlights from the National Americanism Conference Call from November:


CSR Forms:  We did vote on the revised CSR form, that the Americanism Committee condensed down to 33 items a couple of years ago.  The Americanism Committee voted unanimously to move forward on the new form.  We will send to Internal Affairs for them to move forward with.


The Committee discussed conducting a survey, asking questions about how well everyone understands the instructions and fill out the form.  Jim and Ernie will take on the task of preparing the survey questions, and sending them out to all members to distribute out.


The survey will help us to be able to set guidelines on Detachments and Districts on how to fill out. 




Power Point for Americanism:  We discussed what was going to be put in this Power Point to help members find programs easier.