Detachment of New Jersey
Vice Commander

Henry Hasselhan

Updated November 23, 2017

American flag



Seasons Greetings. 


As we celebrate Thanksgiving and all of the things associated with the up and coming Holiday season, please keep in your thoughts and prayers, the thousands of Military and Civilians that are giving aid and comfort to our fellow Americans around our Country. Devastating wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes have taken its toll on our great Country.  


I have seen first hand the destructive wildfires in Montana killing livestock and destroying homes. I have seen the devastation of Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico. Homes may have survived but the need of basic utilities has overwhelmed the Island. As we sit down to a delicious holiday meal, I am very grateful that we can just flip a switch and the lights come on, turn on the faucet and have running water, flush the toilet and not have raw sewage running down the street. The need is great but it takes time and money to repair and rebuild after such destruction.


Many of you are wondering how can we make a difference? You and your Squadron can help by contributing to the National Emergency Fund of the American Legion. This money goes directly to those American Legion Families in need.  


On a lighter note I wish all of our Legion Family a Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy the day with family and friends. I also Wish you happiness and health for the holiday season. Please keep our Veterans and active duty military in your thoughts and prayers.  

For God and Country 

Henry F Hasselhan