Detachment of New Jersey
Son of the Year Committee

Nicholas Wingler, Chairman

Updated February 9, 2018

Son of The Year 2018


The following has taken place for Son of The Year since our last meeting
1. The forms went out in the January mailing in blue. The application will also be available on the Detachments web site under forms. The web address is
2. The recipient will receive a wall plaque naming them son of the year
3. The collar pin will remain the same
4. A squadron level large chest plate will be ordered with the recipient’s name, then the words Detachment of New Jersey. Son of The Year 2018
5. Cover will be squadron level embroidered on right side with son of the year 2018
Left Side will say New Jersey
6. Shirt is a button down Navy blue collared shirt like the convention shirt that is ordered each year. It will have SAL Emblem and Son of the Year Logo on the left side above the chest pocket. Right side will say Detachment of New Jersey Son of the year 2018. Shirt size will be available from small to 4XL
7. A sample shirt is in the process of being done so we can be shore the shirt will look correct and be able to make any small changes
8. Any previous son of the year can purchase the new shirt the cost should be around $40.00 each. We are trying to keep the price as low as possible but at the same time put out a quality shirt that every son of the year would be proud to wear. Shirts will be able to be ordered as soon as final cost is determined and will be available for Wildwood deadline to order shirts will be the April Detachment Meeting  
9. All applications must be received no later than April 14, 2018 to be considered. So please be sure they are mailed on time to be sure all applications are in hand by this date
10. Judging will take place on April 15, 2018 at American Legion Post 166. All prior Sons of the year recipients are encouraged to attend the judging. Time will be 1PM
11. Judging is taking place promptly after close of application date so all items can be present for our convention in June and given all at one time in front of our comrades and not as they become available
12. If anyone has any questions regarding the son of the year program please feel free to contact me at 732-330-9707 
For God and Country
Nicholas J. Wingler Son of the year Chairman 20017-18