Detachment of New Jersey
Homeland Security Committee

Tony Clappsy, Chairman

Updated April 6, 2017



February 2017

 Douglas W. Catts - Committee Chairman

  "you see something, say something"

Domestic Terrorism


My contacts at the NJOHSP have stated that there is STILL !! a nation wide concern for Right-Wing Extremist and Soverign Citizens attacking government facilities. 


In 2015, White supremacist groups were actively recruiting members on a least 6 different occasions and distributed leaflets throughout neighborhoods in Bergen, Burlington,, Middlesex, and Monmouth counties. They were also on several college campuses as well.


Since the presidential election and inauguration there as been a steady increase in both violent and non violent protest throughout our nation. In recent weeks one political party has openly stated they are mustering citizens to RESIST our current president , and his policies. With the warmer months approaching, we will see an increase in protest through out our nation. New Jersey is not immune to these events. 

Our military has been proactive in the middle east in the suppresion of ISIS/ISIL. Though this is welcoming news, we must remain on alert for terrorist activities home and abroad. If you are traveling here in the United States or abroad please pay attention to your surroundings. 


My Comrade's !!!  the time has come, we are under attack from forces within and out of our borders. Please remain vigilant in your daily routines, if you attend a movie , or shopping center, pay attention to your surroundings.

Advise your family and friends too. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING


For God and Country


Douglas Catts

Homeland Security




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