Detachment of New Jersey
Veterans Economic and Employment Committee

Henry Hasselhan, Chairman

Updated November 23, 2017


Greetings fellow SAL Members. It is getting to be the time of year to report your activities for the Education Homeless and Employment activities. The final report needs to be turned into Department by Dec 11 2017. Any activities your Squadron does to promote the initiatives is re-portable. Activity you do for Veterans Haven North, South, or any County homeless veterans shelter you support please include. Stand Downs, Job Fairs, that you volunteered for, or contributed money to should be included.

New Jersey is a leader in this field but we are not capturing the activities of the NJ SAL. Even though you report this activity on your yearly Consolidated Report, there are separate awards given for these activities if reported. They are also reported on the calander year not the fiscal year. Please see the following link for forms and further information., Forms & Documents, Employment & Education, for respective forms, requirements, and NJ’s Rules.

There will be an Atlantic City Stand Down for veterans this spring we will be looking for volunteer escorts, Clothing distributors, and general help for this event. Also any monetary donations will be accepted to provide gift cards, Coffee and donuts, and shirts to the volunteers. there will be more  info in the upcoming  months

For God and Country

Henry F Hasselhan Chairman