Detachment of New Jersey

William Odom

Updated December 13, 2017

Sons of The American Legion

Detachment of New Jersey




Thank you all for your support during the past year.  I have attended a blue mass at St Agnes church in Atlantic Highlands to morn fallen Police Officers, fire fighters, EMTs and Coast Guard suggest people go if given opportunity, pipes and drums where amazing.  I have attended four funerals throughout the state, set six Mass cards two going out of state and five get well cards.  Spoke with Commander Nobel still not being notified of deaths and illness by the squadrons, Patrick Cambell and Commander Nobel are the only ones informing me of deaths within the Legion family.  Commander Page suggested a letter be written to Squadron Commanders which was done and forwarded.  My Squadron will be setting up a scholarship for our past first vice Commander Robert H. Gallery.

November 11 Veterans Day service with prayer in Union Beach with Mayor, council and Veterans present as well as Fire and First Aid.

Made visits to Squadrons in Connecticut, Long Island and Pennsilvania disgussing membership, there watch fire and passing out business cards.  Each squadron is unique in its own way, enchourage members to visit Squadrons when able.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as Chaplain for our Detachment.  I am looking forward to a productive year for our Detachment and will assist in every way I can. I am available to serve the needs of the members of the Detachment of New Jersey and our Legion Family.  If there is a situation that has occurred in your family or our Legion Family that requires my attention, be it a card, service, or visitation.  I have been told I am doing to much 9700 plus elected me as there Chaplin when they had other options and by the end of the year we should be 10,000 I won't ignore things.  I am here for you if anyone wants me to forward the Chaplin book or the prayer book please reach out I will email them.

God bless us all and guide us in our daily task to support the Veterans, Legion Family and our Communitie.

For Family God and Country,

William R Odom IV

Detachment Chaplain



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