Detachment of New Jersey

Religious Emphasis

Nicholas Wingler

Updated February 15, 2020

Report February 2020

This year as a religious emphasis project I’m putting together a book of prayers. I’m asking every Chaplin to wright or put together a short prayer to be included in this book. At the end of the year I will assemble all the work done by all the chaplains who submit material and present it to our Detachment Commander as a keepsake.

This is to all chaplains from the Legion, Auxiliary and the Sons

So far 3 Prayers have been received and they will be added to the book along with each prayer and service that I put together as the Detachment Chaplin.

I will also be putting together a Detachment Chaplin binder that can be passed down year to year so each Chaplin has a starting point of services we have done in our own detachment

For God and Country

Nicholas J. Wingler Detachment Chaplin, PDC 01-02

2019-20 Religious Emphasis Chairman