Detachment of New Jersey


Lenny Free

Updated October 22, 2018


I attended the American Legion Auxiliary POW/MIA Memorial Service on 10/7/18 at Neptune.

The Fall NEC was held in Indianapolis In. on October 14, 2018. The Detachment of New Jersey had the following in attendance:Commander Jeffrey E. Hicks,                                      PDC Carl Albern, PDC Dave Page,PDC Jim Noble, ANEC & PDC Bob Phillips Jr.; PNVC Joe Korba PNEC, & Leading Candidate for National Vice Commander, DVC Mark Natale                             and myself. Tom Marsden and Pat Gallagher were scheduled to attend but for personal reasons could not make it. 

  • On Friday 10/12 the committees were attended by: Member Training: Tom Marsden was excused. Membership; Gary Nelson; CWF; Joe Korba, Convention Len Free,                            Children & Youth Mark Natale. Later that night the Detachment had dinner together at the Palomino Restaurant. 
  • Saturday's opening session on 10/13 began at 8:30 and recessed about 9:06am. All committees were attended except Veterans Employment & Education due to a time conflict.                     The Leading Candidate's Reception was held at 11-2pm. There was a good turnout. New Jerseys' own leading candidate Gary Nelson stood proud in line to great the members. 
  • Sunday 10/14 began with the Religious Services at 6:45. Detachment Commanders Breakfast followed . The general session reconvened at 8:45
  • Mr. Paul Brown, American Legion liaison to the SAl steps down, and was replaced by Mr. Ken George. 
  • There were 3 resolutions that came up for a vote and were passed. Full description will be in the minutes

  • #1 To form a Detachment of Washington D.C. 
  • #2 Paperwork filed for the office of National Vice Commander
  • #3 Paperwork filed for the office of National Vice Commander.
  • Committee/Commission reports were read

Session was adjourned at 11:00am


Information for Henry Hasslehan was sent to Don Colver to attend the Spring NMI. Waiting on the conformation to attend. 

Paperwork was filled out and givin to Commander Hicks in September, for his signature requesting National SAL Commander Greg "Doc" Gibbs to attend the New Jersey Detachment Convention             in Wildwood in June 2019. As of today no word on the status of said form. The original deadline was October 1, 2018. Received an email stating the New Jersey has not requested any official visits. 

For God & Country 

Len Free