Detachment of New Jersey


Lenny Free

Updated April 9, 2021

Detachment N.E.C. Report

April 10, 2021

Hello Comrades:

Visits: Squadron 170/142 joint St Patricks Day event.

147 Cornhole fundraiser tornament

Auxilliary 338 Good Friday Fish Fry

Phone meetings: meeting with ANEC Bob Phillips and Department Chairman Tony Gladded to discuss the new revised SAL Committee. Putting together the information. Will advise when we have more information.

Spring NEC time change is 4/24 at 11AM. General members log in Https://markeysnet/americanlegion 2021/nec.html

Ken George sent an email explaining how to report SDR report . Anyone not sure how I will send and email. Let me know.

My is undergoing some revisions and updates. Here is the current situation: Please report any OTHER problems to

Items known and already fixed:

  1. Transmittal history
  2. IMS Role queries
  3. National Users. Insufficient permissions for Financials
  4. Financials – Debits not matching Credits
  5. Membership converted credit balances
  6. Revenue distribution date for renewals
  7. Data Analyzer – Error on open
  8. Product – Invalid parent message
  9. Department users experience blank dropdowns for post selection in Online Transmittal
  10. Permission issues for Department Users
  11. Department users unable to login
  12. Opt-in/Opt-out interest area not recording changes


Status update of ongoing issues (assigned)

  1. Cache clearing issue when using a shared computer
  2. Assigned
  3. ETA: Evaluating currently
  4. Duplicate accounts caused by multiple registrations
  5. Assigned
  6. Fix requires members to use their registered email. Currently being handled by our Membership Support Services team individually.
  7. Duplicate lines – Online transmittal for transfers
  8. Assigned
  9. ETA: Evaluating currently
  10. Signup Session Expired. Please restart
  11. We are working with Personify to increase the timeout period
  12. The Personify security team has concerns we are attempting to work through
  13. Failure to receive the One Time Password (OTP)
  14. Assigned
  15. ETA: the primary fix has been put in place and we will continue to monitor for several days as there are many reasons an email may not show up right away.
  16. Continuous years missing or 0 in roster
  17. Assigned
  18. ETA: today
  19. Roster load limits
  20. Assigned
  21. ETA: a short-term fix has been put in place but have one item remaining for largest posts
  22. Dual Membership Not Merged
  23. Assigned
  24. ETA: Early to mid-week 4/12

Known issues but not yet assigned

  1. Member transfer – expires
  2. Adjutants cannot print member ID cards
  3. Cannot correct transfer amount due
  4. Committee positions
  5. Display issues related to permissions
  6. “Active” deceased count

MNI is NOT being held with the Spring NEC session. No dates are set yet for this. MNI 1 will be held first sometime after the original May date. If that goes well the will schedule the other 2 classes. They will be by Zoom.

We had an opening for MNI 1. I tried to fill it and could not. Called Don Culver to report the opening. So we do not have a representative slated for MNI 1.

As of today we still have no confirmation from National on Commander Bolts travel plans. They will evaluated at the end of April. Wildwood is still not set in stone. There is a meeting on April 15th when we will know what will be happening. At that time I call contact National to advise of the convention plans and check on the Commanders travel plans.

That Is my Report Gentlemen

Lenny E. Free

N.E.C. New Jersey

201 925-4373