Detachment of New Jersey


Robert Phillips Jr.

Updated June 2, 2018


Hello Comrades:

It is good to see our Detachment is strong and making great strides our great organization

the Sons Of The American Legion. I've have been a member for almost twenty years, and have tried to serve

with the best of my ability. I'm now announcing have now put in the mandatory paperwork so that i may run for the 


High Office Of National Excecutive Committeeman Of The Sons Of The American Legion., after being your ANEC for the

last two years, i believe that i'm ready to represent the Detachment of New Jersey on the National floor of National. I want to thank current NEC

Gary Nelson for taking the time to mentor me, and to just being one of my best friends in and outside this organization. Past Detachment Commander

Bob Phillips Jr. is and we'll be running for leading candidate for ANEC, i'm sure you will agree we will make a hell of a team together. We hope to have

all your support at convention, as we strive to continue to have a strong NEC and ANEC representing the Great State of New Jersey.


For God And Country

Lenny Free ANEC, and (Leading Candidate For NEC)