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Commanders greeting

November 27, 2021

Greetings fellow SAL

I am hoping you have all had a peaceful Thanksgiving with your families. I regret that I have not been out to Squadrons and events due to a bout with Covid even though my wife and myself were vaccinated. Luckily it was mild and for the most part short lived. We still have limited taste and smell but have thankfully tested negative.

Enough about me . It is the time of years for the holiday season. As there are many upcoming holiday events please keep in mind our Veterans. Don’t just think of our active duty soldiers that are away from home but our veteran soldiers that are home and even though surrounded by friends, are alone. Holidays can bring on depression, the thought of lost friends, and that burning question why them and not me. Survivors guilt can rear its ugly head anytime, but now is one of the worst times. Please do your buddy checks call invite them for a cup of coffee, meet for a short breakfast or lunch. Just invite them to meet you at the post for a soda and conversation. Please do your part to bring some joy to our Veterans, you might be the one that makes a difference in someones life.

As part of team Dunn (American Legion Commander Daniel Dunn) motto is Getting it Dunn. We need to do our part to support our American Legion Family to promote and have our organization progress into the future. Membership is important, our membership has taken a hit from Covid we have a long way to go to get back to our membership numbers before Covid. We were pushing 10,000 we now only have currently 7942 of 9392 members for 2021. Remember all male descendants of our veterans are eligible there is no age limit. By recruiting our youth we are also recruiting the veteran for the Legion. Think out of the box involve the younger members, mentor and teach them about our great country and to honor our Veterans. Remember they are our future.

On the Lighter side our next meeting will be at Wayne Post 174 Wayne NJ. Dress will be Ugly sweater a 50/50 will be held for the best sweater prize and there will be a guest appearance of Santa. Come join us for a lighthearted meeting lets have some fun while conducting business for our great cause.

Happy Holidays

Henry F Hasselhan
Sons of the American Legion
Detachment of New Jersey

Detachment of NJ Commander
Detachment Commander
Henry Hasselhan
Currently 3401 of 8838 members for 2022 membership year.
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February 5, 2022 at 10:00am
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American Legion Post 370 Magnolia, NJ

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