Sons of The American Legion

Detachment of New Jersey

General Information

Our Preamble:

"Proud possessor of a priceless heritage, we male descendants of veterans of all wars, associate ourselves together as "Sons of The American Legion" for the following purposes:

To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a true spirit of Americanism; to preserve the memories of our former members and the association of our members and our forefathers in all wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the Community, State and Nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity, the principles of Justice, Freedom and Democracy, to consecrate and sanctify our friendship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness; to adopt in letter and spirit, all of the great principles for which the American Legion stands; and to assist in carrying on for God and Country."

What is The Sons of The American Legion?

The Sons of The American Legion is a program of the American Legion that was established in 1932.  Members of the S.A.L. work to the achieve the same goals as the American Legion- service to their Community, State and Nation, and service to veterans of the U.S.

What do they do?

Activities in which The Sons of the American Legion are involved include donations to charities or non-profit organizations; scholarships; volunteering for community service; providing care for, and aid to, disabled or hospitalized veterans; education of U.S. citizens about the government and veterans issues.

How can I join?

From the National SAL Website:
"To be eligible, you must be a male descendant (includes stepsons and adopted sons) of a member of The American Legion.

You would also be eligible to join the Sons of The American Legion if you are the male descendant (stepsons and adopted sons included) of a veteran who died in service since December 7, 1941.

You would also be eligible to join the Sons of The American Legion if you are the male descendant (stepsons and adopted sons included) of a veteran who died subsequent to his or her honorable discharge from service having served since December 7, 1941."

You can contact a squadron in your area for a membership application.  You will need to provide to them proof of eligibility in the form of Legion records or proof of honorable discharge for the veteran through whom you are establishing eligibility.

How do I find a squadron in my area?

There are approximately 150 squadrons in New Jersey.  You can find squadrons listed by county with contact information in the N.J. Squadrons section  of this website.  If you're from, or moving to, another state, you should contact that state's Detachment to find out the necessary information.

What benefits do I get as a member of the S.A.L.?

Aside from the benefits of participating in the largest veterans organization in the U.S., members of the Sons of The American Legion are eligible for many of the same programs and discounts as American Legion members.  A comprehensive list of them can be found at the National American Legion site here.

What are the dues for the Sons of The American Legion?

Each squadron is responsible for its own dues structure.  Some charge a flat rate for all members, while some may charge differently for different ages.  You should contact a local squadron in your area to determine their dues structure.  Part of your dues goes to your Detachment and the National Organization to help pay for the programs of the Sons of the American Legion that are offered by the State and National Organization.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact the Officers of the Detachment or the Webmasters.

William Schmidt

1962 - 63
Squadron 75  Salem County

Carl Roff, Jr.

1963 - 64
Squadron 86  Sussex County

Robert Rosen

1964 - 65
Squadron 132  Sussex County

Fred Capel

1965 - 66
Squadron 179  Gloucester County

Howard Perrine

1966 - 67
Squadron 347  Passic County

William Doraghy

1967 - 68
Squadron 3  Union County

Richard Feisser

1968 - 69
Squadron 289  Passic County

Anthony Carter

1969 - 70
Squadron 165  Hudson County

Ernest Wilson, Jr.

1970 - 71
Squadron 152  Essex County

Gregory Konelman

1971 - 72
Squadron 165  Hudson County

Robert Miller

1972 - 73
Squadron 86  Sussex County

Thomas J. Ward

1973 - 74
Squadron 152  Essex County

Richard Ramage

1974 - 75
Squadron 86  Sussex County

John Owens

1975 - 76
Squadron 86  Sussex County

Robert LaSalle

1975 - 76
Squadron 14  Passaic County

Chris Bonin

1976 - 77
Squadron 221  Bergen County

H. Dale Wilson

1977 - 78
Squadron 196  Ocean County

Howard Weimer

1978 - 79
Squadron 179  Gloucester County

Joseph Counowski

1979 - 80
Squadron 458  Mercer County

Alan Davis

1980 - 81
Squadron 177  Middlesex County

J.R. Stephen McCurley

1981 - 82
Squadron 294  Burlington County

Thomas Rathbun

1982 - 83
Squadron 177  Middlesex County

Christopher R. Fattal

1983 - 84
Squadron 438  Passaic County

Kevin Lovett

1984 - 85
Squadron 273  Monmouth County

William Crawford II

1985 - 86
Squadron 294  Burlington County

Donald Sikorski

1986 - 87
Squadron 129  Ocean County

Raymond Miller

1987 - 88
Squadron 27  Morris County

James Kukor

1988 - 89
Squadron 324  Middlesex County

Charles Thran

1989 - 90
Squadron 120  Hunterdon County

Ernest Wilson, III

1990 - 91
Squadron 152  Essex County

Dave Fasse

1991 - 92
Squadron 132  Sussex County

Duane J. Conant

1992 - 93
Squadron 252  Gloucester County

Thomas E. Marsden

1993 - 94
Squadron 129  Ocean County

Cornealius E. Newlin

1994 - 95
Squadron 132  Sussex County

Kenneth M. Esposito, Sr.

1995 - 96
Squadron 175  Morris County

Richard J. Phillips

1996 - 97
Squadron 102  Union County

James A. Noble

1997 - 98
Squadron 19  Hudson County

Kevin A. Whitmore

1998 - 99
Squadron 59  Morris County

Edward T. Marsden

1999 - 01
Squadron 129  Ocean County

Nicholas Wingler

2001 - 02
Squadron 166  Ocean County

Lukasz Marsden

2002 - 03
Squadron 166  Ocean County

Kent Hehl

2003 - 04
Squadron 84  Camden County

Gary Nelson

2004 - 05
Squadron 365  Bergen County

Sean Howarth

2005 - 06
Squadron 72  Camden County

Michael Arner

2006 - 07
Squadron 338  Monmouth County

Frank Jiosi Jr.

2007 - 08
Squadron 139  Bergen County

Patrick Gallagher

2008 - 09
Squadron 346  Monmouth County

John "Jay" Gillman

2009 - 10
Squadron 370  Camden County

Joe Korba

2010 - 11
Squadron 352  Atlantic County

Leonard Free

2011 - 12
Squadron 415  Bergen County

Phil Boyd

2012 - 13
Squadron 281  Camden County

Amel Balega Jr.

2013 - 14
Squadron 227  Passaic County

Carl W. Albern Jr.

2014 - 15
Squadron 346  Monmouth County

Robert Phillips Jr.

2015 - 16
Squadron 262  Camden County

Robert Bascou

2016 - 17
Squadron 371  Camden County

C. David Page

2017 - 18
Squadron 455  Ocean County

Jeffrey Hicks

2018 - 19
Squadron 526  Burlington County