Detachment of New Jersey

Children and Youth

Russell Myers

Updated January 7, 2024

TO: Detachment Commander Keith Barnes

Detachment Adjutant Thomas Marsden

Detachment of NJ DEC

DATE: 04 January 2024

RE: Children and Youth Commission Report, January 2024

The Children and Youth ( C and Y) Commission of the Detachment of New Jersey has the following to report:

  • The Detachment C and Y Commission has a letter to distribute, as attached, asking for donations to the “Cookies For Vets” Program. This program has run for the past two years in April, which is Children and Youth Month, purchasing Girl Scout cookies for our veterans at New Jersey’s VA hospitals. The program culminates in having the scouts and young SAL’s deliver the cookies to the hospitals themselves. Last year, over $2,000 was raised to purchase cookies. The deadline for donations to purchase cookies is 31 January 2024.
  • The Commission is still working on running a Children and Youth Academy in New Jersey, mirroring the national initiative. We still are working on when to have the Academy, and where – the Battleship New Jersey was suggested as a possible location, though there are concerns that something needs to be more centrally located, or at the Wildwood Convention. Ideas for programs and instruction are to cover the Ten Ideals Award and the Five Stars Award, open to young SAL’s and ALA Juniors. A curriculum, as well as a program to distribute to participants listing items that have to be completed before the Academy, is close to completion.
  • In their bi-monthly Zoom meetings, the committee at the national level is pushing that April is Children and Youth Month. A letter from the Detachment chairman will be available in March asking squadrons and counties to participate in running youth-oriented activities – among which are the Ten Ideals and Five Stars Programs which recognize achievement in a course of study with a medal. Above and beyond that, the national Children and Youth Committee is also making American Legion Family Day, which is Saturday 27 April 2024, a priority. Their push is to again have some sort of youth oriented event at each Post, Unit, and Squadron throughout the country on that day, to welcome in the communities which we serve. Ideas for his will be included in the April Detachment Challenge Letter as well.


Faithfully submitted as a "Proud Possessor of a Priceless Heritage",


Russell “Rusty” Myers III

Children and Youth Commission Chairman 2023-24

Sons of the American Legion, Detachment of New Jersey