Detachment of New Jersey

Children and Youth

Russell Myers

Updated November 25, 2021

Hello all:

My name is Rusty Myers, a member of SAL Squadron 105 in Belleville, NJ and the 2021-2022 appointee as the Children and Youth Commissioner.

This commission is tasked with overseeing and reporting on the following committees, each chaired by their respective chairman:

COTA Committee (Children Organ Transplant Association)

About: For more than 30 years, The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, The Sons of the American Legion and The American Legion Riders have raised more than $1.5 million to help COTA kids. The American Legion Family helps transplant families across the country to help ensure that no child, teen or young adult is denied a life-saving transplant due to a financial barrier. (courtesy

Chairman: DVC Greg Shaffer -

Special Olympics Committee

About: Since 1919, The American Legion has advocated on behalf of the nation's children by promising "A Square Deal for Every Child." Because of this promise, the Legion family has supported the Special Olympics through financial contributions and volunteer efforts, which has resulted in a successful relationship for more than 30 years. The Special Olympics has a presence in nearly 200 countries worldwide, with a mission to empower children and adults with intellectual disabilities to believe in themselves and to become physically fit. (courtesy

Chairman: PDC Nick WIngler -

CWF Committee (Child Welfare Fund)

About: Though created by the Legion, the Child Welfare Foundation, Inc., is a separate 501(c)3 corporation. CWF accepts funding proposals from nonprofit organizations for projects that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children. Grants are only given to entities that help U.S. children in a large geographic area; they are not awarded for day-to-day operating expenses or special operating expenses. (courtesy

Chairman: DVC Mark Natale -

Young Citizen Award Committee

About: This committee recognizes each year at the Wildwood convention a young New Jersey-ite who is nominated by a SAL Squadron aa someone who is a model American. Applications for this award are usually sent to each squadron at the beginning of the new year.

Chairman: Bill 'Murph' Murphy -

Please support these very worthy projects. If you are visiting as an SAL squadron, please consider adopting one of these committees as your squadron's philanthropy. Please feel free to contact either myself or any of the committee chairs for more information.

"For God and Country"

Russell "Rusty" Myers III, DEC Essex

Commissioner, Children and Youth 2021-2022