Detachment of New Jersey

Children and Youth

Russell Myers

Updated December 1, 2022



Children and Youth Commission

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TO:                Detachment Commander Mark Natale

                       Detachment Adjutant Carl Albern, Jr

                       National Children and Youth Committee Chairman Jim Nobile (NJ)

                       Department of NJ Children and Youth Chairman Andy Jackson

DATE:           30 Nov 2022

RE:                 Children and Youth Commission Report, December 2022



The Detachment of NJ Children and Youth Commission has the following to report as of the above date to be presented at the Detachment Meeting in December:


The four standing committees (COTA, CWF, Special Olympics, and Young Citizens Award) will be presenting their own individual reports to the Detachment as normal.

National C and Y: I have been a regular participant in the National Children and Youth Committee’s monthly conference calls. Following my report at the Detachment meeting, I will defer to National Chairman Jim Nobile to comment on his committee’s national initiatives.

‘Cookies for Vets’ Program: The Detachment C and Y Commission will again be running their cookie program; last year’s highly successful program purchased $1,000 of cookies from the Girl Scouts, giving them to the residents of New Jersey’s two VA hospitals. The project received national, state-wide, and local media coverage. Last year’s scouts who participated also received a patch from the Detachment.

  • Changes for the 2023 program
  1. Our goal this year is to raise $1,500 to purchase cookies. Last year’s donations came from private donors and from throughout the Legion Family (including a sizeable donation from VA&R). We have already begun soliciting donations, with the letter attached to this report.
  2. We will be adding an educational element to the project this year, by having vets go to the scout troops we purchase from in advance of going to the hospitals to explain what the hospitals are and why it is important to show support to their residents. The hope is to provide context for the younger kids on why we run this project.
  • Should any individual, squadron, or county wish to participate by donating, please speak to or email me. The deadline for placing the cookie order is 31 January 2023.

10 Ideals Award: This is a big push for NJ this year – to increase our engagement to our young SAL’s. Please promote this program this at our county’s and squadrons. This Commission has developed a checklist, which would assist in completing the course. A PDF is available here. I will also have copies available at the meeting for the DVC’s to take for their squadrons.

Christmas Projects: Many squadron’s run toy drives and visits from Santa throughout December. Make sure you promote these, take pictures, and put these in press releases after the event. The world doesn’t know what we do for our children unless we let it know. Use Facebook, your local newspaper, or any other social media to get the word out.


Faithfully submitted as a “Proud Possessor of a Priceless Heritage”, 




Russell “Rusty” Myers III

Children and Youth Commission Chairman 2022-23

Sons of the American Legion, Detachment of New Jersey