Detachment of New Jersey

Veterans Employment Homelessness and Education

Henry Hasselhan

Updated July 26, 2020

Greetings Brothers:

The following is an excerpt from PDC Bob Looby. Upcoming changes the ACRSD committee is being worked on

"Thank you American Legion Family for you efforts in Employment, Homeless, and Education ( VEH&E ) initiatives.

The American Legion Department of NJ received official notification from National HQ that we are the first place National Homeless Veteran Outreach Award recipient. This is our 4th such first place Award in 5 consecutive years. Our submittal included a 39 page summary reporting $304,128 in donated 2019 resources, bringing our total to $2,253,176 in 6 years. Thank you all who contributed to our submittal. " {1}

The Report to National included SAL and Auxiliary donations and volunteer time for our VEH&E programs. Reports on the Detachment of NJ contribution and Squadrons that reported to me were submitted. This year alone the Detachment of NJ contributed over $2000 and numerous hours just to the ACRSD.

" Atlantic City Regional Stand Down – We realized a traditional Stand Down is not feasible in the near future. We also realize our at-risk veterans still need our assistance. Therefore we designed a methodology wherein we will take these services to the veteran.

  1. Mission - The Atlantic City Regional Stand Down Mobile (ACRSDM) will provide the same services and resources as the traditional Atlantic City Regional Stand Down but transports all related support to the veterans’ environment. This includes, but not limited to all VA services and related benefits, clothing, housing, employment, other services and ongoing communications for support, and through the existing ACRSD Steering Committee structure.
  2. Vision – The ACRSDM will develop a detailed strategic plan during the Summer 2020 to identify homeless and at-risk veterans in the Monmouth, Camden and farther southern counties. All defined services will be delivered to this Region within reason and resources during the Fall of 2020.
  3. Northern Regional Stand Down – The GIGO Fund in partnership with the Legion are designing a “drop-off” type scenario wherein we will use local Posts to assist with distribution of resources. Final design is in progress." {1}

Please submit report of volunteer time and donations (type and costs) to Henry F Hasselhan even if they are joint projects at your post. Anything that is done at Veterans Haven North or South is reportable, along with any other activities for VEH&E. There may be National SAL awards available in the near future for VEH&E the details and approvals are being investigated. More news to come.

{1} Excerpts from VEH&E letter by Bob Looby

For God and Country

Henry F Hasselhan