Detachment of New Jersey

Public Relations

Gary Crawford

Updated January 16, 2024

Do you have news to share? We Sons do a lot of good things. Might as well share it with the public.

Please send any info you'd like to share. Stories, pictures (please identify anyone in the pics), anything worth sharing. Any news is good news.

As always, I am forwarding information of these events to several media outlets throughout the state. The larger outlets, such as Gannett, News12NJ,, 101.5 radio, and several on a more local level are on my regular email list. Some acknowledge news releases while others do not, and there is no guarantee they will be featured, as this is considered free advertisement for us.

I ask that any Son hearing of any of our events to let us know that the word is getting out.

Some feedback has been received by the Committee by people who have seen or heard reports. Although New Jersey isn’t a large state, it isn’t possible to monitor every media outlet submitted to, so input from others who might see or hear reports is always welcomed.

As with the SALute, input from the Legion Family is essential. Sending the Committee articles and pictures is most helpful in giving us the proper coverage. “They won’t know if we don’t tell them”.

Any information you would like the Committee to publicize should be sent to the SALute email address:

Gary S. Crawford PC, Publicity and SALute Committee Chair.