Detachment of New Jersey


Gary Nelson

Updated April 22, 2019

I would like to thank Commander Hicks for my appointed as Chairman of the Convention Committee. We will be having a meeting in the near future to discuss any suggestions you may have to make the convention go smoother. I will be posting the date, time and location of this meeting on the web site and on this report.

All are welcome to this meeting! I have the pleasure of announcing Joseph Korba as our Vice Chairman of this committee. We will be also discussing changing the trophy shop that we get our awards for better prices and possibly changing the second and third place awards to framed certificates. If you should have any questions feel free to call Joe or myself.

The theme of this years convention is "Honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Services in the past 100 years." Also this year will be a first for a new category " Pipe and Drum" in the parade. The deadline for sending in your CSR's to Carl Albern is May 1, 2019. A letter will go out informing all squadrons of this deadline and address where to send them. Also we will be needing a hand as always to stuff envelopes for the Convention on Tuesday June 11,2019 at 8:00 the Convention Hall in Wildwood. Anyone that will be down that day, we could use the help. Further information will be given out at the Detachment meetings and by snail mail.

For God and Country, Gary P. Nelson P.D.C./P.N.E.C. Chairman Cell- (201)370-1365