Detachment of New Jersey


Tony Clappsy

Updated April 18, 2019

Well it has come time for another Issue of the SALute.

It is with much disappointment that have to report that there will be no print edition available in time for the meeting. I will also state for the record that the number of submissions has fallen. Email reminders were issued reminding all of the deadline, which had not be changed despite the meeting being moved up a week. I had expected submissions from all candidates in order to get their information out to everyone before the convention. This request was made at the February meeting as well in the email reminders. Only 3 submissions were received thankfully an was enough to just barely round out a four (4) page edition.

We have not received any articles from a number of committees and commissions yet this year. Also, this issue lacks an letter from the Commander. As I am still waiting for the voucher to be approved and mailed, (submitted on April 11 - this report being submitted on April 18th) the edition will be sent electronically for now with the assistance of our Adjutant Rob Lasky. I am still hopeful to get a print edition before the EOM mailings.

It is with great regret that I inform the Detachment that we will not be submitting the SALute in for consideration for any awards this year as we have not met the requirements. We need to come together and get the SALute back up to the publication we know it can be. It is not a one man job. It should be considered by every committee and commission as an outlet to inform every squadron in the state, what they are doing or have done for our veterans, children and youth and our great organization as a whole. There is no event to small that it should be overlooked. Everyone working on these things should be acknowledge either through pictures or a short acknowledgement in the SALute. It doesn't have to be an award written novel, a few lines consisting of Who, What , Where, When and Why. I have said it before and will repeat it here, If you feel you are unable to write an article, CALL ME with the details and the committee for the SALute will pull one together with you.

That is about all I have to say on the current state of our newsletter, The SALute.

For God and Country 

Tony Clappsy