Detachment of New Jersey


Tony Clappsy

Updated January 13, 2019

Greeting and Happy Healthy Holidays,

Comrades, PDC's and Committee men, 

As of this morning January 13th, I have received a number of articles and pictures for the February edition of the SALute. I would personally like to thank everyone who has made submissions so we can get this newsletter out on time.

We will begin the layout process today. Once started, I can not accept any further submissions. If you want to submit something, sadly it will not make the edition. Then creation of a deadline is not a suggestion. There had been two general emails sent out, and additional contacts with key members of the detachment. The success of this publication relays on you the officers, committeeman and PDC’s. My job as editor is not to parent you and nag in order to get articles. We are all adults, we have obligations, we should be able to fulfill them without provocation. No one knows better than I that situations arise where we face delays, including family time, work and health related obstacles. But there is also a wide berth of time in which to submit.

Again I want to thank those who has contributed information to help this newsletter get underway. I have also gathered dates for upcoming events that will be included. Please get the word out that events in your county, squadrons etc are also worthy of space in our newsletter and a welcome addition. Provided that they are received and the event date is post print, we can get the word out to the entire state and potentially increase the number of attendees, being a win win for all involved.

That is about all I have to say on the current state of our newsletter, The SALute.

For God and Country 

Tony Clappsy