Detachment of New Jersey


Tony Clappsy

Updated December 2, 2018

Greeting and Happy Healthy Holidays,

Comrades, PDC's and Committee men, 

As many of you are aware, the SALute had been side railed for several months. This was due to delays in receiving necessary articles. At long last the November edition has been printed and mailed out.


When a deadline is submitted for July 27th - and even the commander does not submit an article until November, there is a problem.


Deadlines are not created wantonly, there is a method behind the timespan created. One is to gather all article and lay them out to fit the program. These articles are then reproduced in the format, and reviewed by the committee. Several edits will be made over the next few days following the deadline. Then the formatting, spelling and content is reviewed one final time before going to print. Printing can take up to 7 days to be returned to myself, at which time I have to fold them according to guidelines provided by John Baker. before he can mail them out.

The Salute Committee, which consist of Carl Albern, Matt Thalasinos, and myself as editor, are working on having the SALute become an electronic newsletter, along with print editions. Electronic mailing will reach a wider number of readers, save the Detachment money in printing and mail costs, and potentially become more readily accessible.


A test was run this past month, at which time we discovered they were going into the spam folder. In time we will have a link on the website and in future editions to sign up for the newsletter as well. 


This Detachment was awarded a first place national award for the SALute in 2014, if we want to maintain that level of publication, we ask you submit your articles on time.


The next deadline is set for January 12 to be mailed in February.


Tony Clappsy