Detachment of New Jersey


Carl Albern Jr.

Updated November 16, 2021

Website Updates

During this pandemic, it is difficult for the Detachment to meet in person, and therefore even more important for officers and committee chairmen to update their pages on the site to let the members of the Detachment know what is happening in the Detachment of NJ.

Not everyone uses Facebook or other social media, so posting information there doesn't inform everyone. The Detachment website is reachable by everyone and is set up as a tool to inform the membership, so all officers and committee chairmen should use this tool to put out information to the Detachment of NJ.

Help Us With The Site

If you are a member of the Detachment and a programmer/developer with experience in PHP and Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue, we can use your assistance in maintaining and developing the Detachment website. Please contact us at

What Would You Like To See?

If you have any suggestions for additions to the website, please contact the webmasters with the suggestion. We're always looking to make the Detachment website more informative.


Carl Albern, Jr.

Detachment Internet Chairman