Detachment of New Jersey


Carl Albern Jr.

Updated December 7, 2018

Website Updates

The Internet Committee has deployed an updated version of the Detachment website. This new version may look very much like the old version, but it has been built from the ground up to be easier to expand in the future. Work on this version of the site began over a year ago, but some of the early work was scrapped in favor of a new framework that helped cut down on the amount of work needed to get additional features added.

We will also be able to incorporate modules into the site more easily than the previous version. The Committee is looking to have the site allow members log in and be able to interact with more information in the future.

I'd like to thanks the members of the Committee, Tony Clappsy and Michael Arner who worked to help get this site renewed. Right now, there are a few features from the old site that are missing, but they should return soon. Some new features will be coming down the pike afterwards. 

What Would You Like To See?

If you have any suggestions for additions to the website, please contact the webmasters with the suggestion. We're always looking to make the Detachment website more informative.


Carl Albern, Jr.

Detachment Internet Chairman


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