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Updated July 1, 2020


I am a member of The Sons of the American Legion through my father a Marine Corp. veteran who served in WWII. He fought in the battle at Iwo Jima. I am also very proud of my brother who is a Navy, (Seabees), veteran. I have been a member of The Sons of the American Legion for 13 years with Squadron #174 in Wayne, NJ. I have held the following offices since being a member.

Squadron Level:

2 years as Squadron Sergeant at Arms

4 years as Squadron Second Vice Commander

2 years as Squadron First Vice Commander

2 years as Squadron Commander

3 years as Squadron Adjutant

Currently Squadron Commander

County Level:

2 years as D.E.C. for Passaic County

Detachment Level:

1 year as Asst. Sergeant at Arms

3 years as Detachment Vice Commander

2 years as C.O.T.A. Chairman

Hello Comrades,

As written by Detachment Commander Matt Thalasinos, I have given my resignation as Vice Commander for the State of New Jersey. This is very hard for me, but it is time to make this move.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has supported me these last three years. Many friends have been made through my travels while being your Vice Commander. I know that we will keep in touch and stay friends as we move forward. I would personally like to thank the three Detachment Commanders that I have had the honor to serve under. PDC David Page, PDC Jeffery Hicks and Commander Matt Thalasinos. All three have given me the knowledge that I can take back to the local level and share. (Especially PDC David Page, with his support as a rookie, I am not sure if the next two years would have happened.)

Note: I am not leaving the Detachment completely. I will still be involved in many ways to help the Detachment moving forward. (Who knows, some day I may step back into the Detachment and run for an office.)

I look forward to taking my knowledge to the local level so I can teach them everything that I have learned and to help them be stronger members.

Thank you all

Just a note: I will now be the D.E.C. for Passaic County. My paperwork has been submitted to Trenton through The American Legion. I look forward to working with the Squadrons and the Legion family in my county. My goal is to build the county up and start a committee. I will still be visiting Squadrons in the counties that I covered when I was Vice Commander. I have many friends in these counties that I want to keep in touch with. Also, I will work close with the next Vice Commander that takes over these counties.

For God & Country

Greg Shaffer, Detachment Vice Commander

56 Brookdale Road

Wayne, NJ 07470

c) 201-665-0228


For God and Country