Detachment of New Jersey


Thomas Marsden

Updated February 4, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Another friendly reminder that our bi-monthly regular Detachment meeting will be this upcoming Saturday, February 8, 2020, 9am gavel time in our usual basement meeting room at the War Memorial Building in Trenton.  Detachment Officers Pictures at 7:45am. Attire is jacket, tie, S.A.L. covers. You will need your 2020 membership card to get in the meeting!!


Here is a recap of the guidelines for those submitting reports prior to and during meetings:


First, thank you for getting your reports in to me in a timely fashion. To help streamline the minutes (to ultimately save time and paper), I have come up with some guidelines for officers and chairmen submitting reports. I appreciate all the assistance you can give in this matter.


1)      When creating your report, please use a simple header. (e.g. – Name, Office/Committee, Date). Please refrain from including huge logos, huge header fonts or pictures of yourself (we probably know who you are!). A small version of the S.A.L. logo is fine but nothing more elaborate.

2)      Try to type your reports rather than handwrite them, if possible. When typing your reports, please do not use excessively large print as to create more pages than needed. If you can, please limit your reports to one or two pages. If unavoidable, handwritten reports are acceptable, but please make an effort to have them as legible as possible. 

3)      If you are giving a report on the floor, please have a copy of your report with you to hand in to me or email it to me prior to (or after) the meeting especially if your report is a lengthy one. If you have a short report (couple of sentences), then that can be easily summarized. It is so much easier to attach your lengthier reports.

4)      Try to limit your attachments. If it is vital that the entire membership needs the information, then please include it. Can it easily be summarized in a sentence in your report instead of an added page or two? Again, this will help streamline the minutes and the process on my end.

5)      If you are sending your reports in via email, prior to the meeting, please do so no later than 11pm Friday evening. Any later and I may not have time to print it before the meeting. In this case, please print a copy and bring with you.

6)      If possible, reports should include the officer’s or chairman’s signature to authenticate the document.


Lastly, ALL report submissions are to be sent to me, Asst. Adj. Lasky, Commander Thalasinos and Chairman Gladden. Email addresses below:


These guidelines were reviewed and signed off on.


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR COOPERATION! Hopefully, we can make the report process go more smoothly!




Thomas E. Marsden

S.A.L. Detachment of NJ Adjutant

Thank you!